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Diergeneeskunde voor gezelschapsdieren

Let op! Wij werken voorlopig uitsluitend volgens afspraak. De inloopspreekuren komen dus te vervallen.

Measures to prevent the further spread of the Corona virus have once again been tightened. We also want to take our responsibility. But at the same time, we naturally want to continue to take care of your pets as much as possible.

That is why we decided to take the following measures:

- We kindly request you to wear a mask in practice. If necessary, we have these available for you.
- We would like to ask you to come to the practice with a maximum of 1 supervisor.
- The open consultation hours will be canceled. We will schedule additional appointments at these times. In this way, we want to ensure that as few people as possible are present in practice at the same time.
- We will use the dog's office for all patients. This room is larger, making it easier to keep distance.
- If you want to come get medicines or food, please call us in advance so that we can prepare this for you. This way we limit the time that you are in our practice.
- In addition, we would like to request that you also make an appointment for the collection of medication and food.
- From now on, food and medication will be collected at the counter in the hall.
- Of course we request you not to visit the practice if:
- you have a cold, coughing, sore throat or fever
- if you have been in a risk area
-if you have been in contact with a patient with a confirmed Corona infection.
- We will not shake hands and keep as far away as possible
- For some time now we have been cleaning more intensively than usual (think of extra disinfection of door handles, benches, the ATM, etc.). We will continue with this for the time being.
- Please wait outside if people are already present in the practice.

Unfortunately, we also do not know what the course will be and to what extent the rules will still be tightened.

We also have to determine per day (or less) what is and what is not and is not permitted and permitted.

We try to keep you informed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.


Wij werken uitsluitend op afspraak. Voor het maken van een afspraak belt u met ons telefoonnummer: 070-5114546. Tijdens vakanties of op feestdagen kunnen de openingstijden anders zijn. Bel ons gerust voor de juiste openingstijden!


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